Awards & Recognition


Awards and Recognition






Bar to the Silver Acorn - Sharon Amass; Fred Vidler

Silver Acorn - Pauline Barker; Maura Garrod; Bob Chapman; Graham Williamson

Bar to the Award for Merit - Peter Rest

Award for Merit - Donna Jones; Alison Scrivenor; Matthew Cooper; Keith Stephens; William Harris

Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Services - Lisa Mason

Commissioner's Commendation Award - Cub Scout Mia Bennett; Carol House; Geraldine Ireland; Sue Hazell; Phyl Gunn; Kay Churcher; Irene Verge; Alan Verge; Mike Regan; Lisa Hawkins; Mark Brasnell; Kirsty Regan; Jake Lewis; Fiona Crane; Greg Moore; Peter Whelan; Dave Weston; Tilly Grainger; Ben Burchell; Sue Adams; Jean Treveil

Bexley Council Civic Recognition (external) - Eve Ives; John Ovenell; Andy Morris; Pat Riddle; Roger Riddle; Ian Kirk; Elaine Kirk; Dave Floyd; Steve Harvey; Maura Garrod; Alison Scrivener; Richard Willgoss

Bexley Voluntary Services Council (external) - Daniel Fermer


Bar to the Silver Acorn - Mick Regan; Richard Willgoss

Silver Acorn - Lyn Beeson; Chris Allen; Trevor Ford; Roger Riddle

Award for Merit - Janet Paddington; Jackie Hall; Sue Forward; Claire Summerfield; Tracy May; Margaret Crickmore; Jacqueline Douglass; Dave Partis; Gill Emmett; Chris Harrison; Sue Hazell; Celia Naylor; Sonia Williams

Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Services -  Stuart Laws; John Vidler; Tina Robertson

Commissioner's Commendation Award - Steve Morley; Jackie Webster; Terri Holman; Linda Hatchman; Chris Hayes; Anne Rickson; Karen Smith; Tony Ridley; Paul Cooper; Sharon Amass; Darren Peto; Carol Berryman; Nigel Stockbridge; Keith Thomson; Nigel Betts; Pat Riddle; Fred Vidler; Peter Smith; Bob Chapman; Richard Willgoss; Nicola Coppen; Maura Garrod; Viv Baxter; John Baxter

Chief Scout's Personal Award - Beaver Scout Joshua Peyto

Bexley Council Civic Recognition (external) - Ron Church 


Silver Acorn - Viv Baxter

Award for Merit - Janet Paddington; Eric Seers; John West; Steve Morley; Lee Curtis: Paul Amass

Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Services - Mark Paddington; Margaret Ready; Bob Pearce; Jill Bavington-Pearce

Medal for Meritorious Conduct - Scout Jack Bland

County Commissioner's Cypher - Cub Scout Lara Bland

Order of the League of Mercy (external) - Don Beven

Bexley Council Civic Recognition (external) - Jackie Hall


Silver Acorn - John Baxter; Dave Floyd; Ken Jowett

Award for Merit - Pat Waters; Gill Buckenham

Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Service - Jean Allen

Bexley Council Civic Recognition (external) - Richard Gillman


Silver Acorn - Jackie Hall; John Hockey; Richard Crowe; Howard Morgan

Award for Merit - Murray Smith

Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Service - Janet Rogers

Bexley Council Civic Recognition (external) - Dave Rosedon; Linda Hopkins; Linda Allen; Fred Vidler


Bar to the Silver Acorn - Pat Barker; Andy Morris; Keith Thomas

Silver Acorn - Nick Crowe; Paul Durrant; Nick Grant

Bar to the Award for Merit - Nigel Betts

Award for Merit - Joyce Twomey; Robert Twomey; Chris Webber

Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Service - Amy Gilham; Carl Rope

Bexley Council Civic Recognition (external) - Pat Waters; John Waters; Mick Regan; Richard Crowe; Trevor Thomas; Capers

2011 (w.e.f. 1.10.2011 Bexley District)

Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Service - Peter Smith; Kay Churcher; Neil Churcher



The Citation

The most important part of the award application is the citation.

The Awards Board has many citations to read, so the citation must be strong to catch their attention.

Awards for good service are made to those who render to Scouting outstanding, specially distinguished or exceptional service.   It may be appropriate to indicate this in the citation.

Length of service, while one of the criteria for a good service award, is separately recognised, so awards are not granted on length of service alone.

Completion of the appropriate training requirements for a leader’s role will most definitely be recognised as one of the criteria for a good service award.  Partial completion of the Wood Badge for the current role of a Leader may not normally be acceptable.  Wood Badges gained for previous roles in Scouting are again not normally recognised.  It is the training requirements for the current role that the Awards Board will look for.

Good service awards are made to those whose contribution to Scouting stands out, and the citation should seek to explain with evidence how this is so.  What makes the service special is the way in which the duties have been performed.

This may mean that, in addition to running a good Section programme, the nominee has, perhaps, given regular good service raising funds for the Group, in the maintenance of a headquarters building or campsite, in the organisation of District events, serving on a campsite service team, editing a newsletter, helping with adult training in the County, and so forth. All this should be recorded in the citation.

However, the successful organisation of a single large event, while praiseworthy, is not normally sufficient on its own to justify an award for good service, since it is sustained good service over a period which is recognised by good service awards.  The new Commissioners Commendation Award may therefore be appropriate in these cases.

Where possible it is helpful to quantify in the citation the benefit derived as a result of the quality service given. For example

But this must particularly reflect their service since their last award (if any).  It will not normally be necessary to go into any great detail about the achievements of the nominee during the period prior to the last award: the briefest outline of this earlier service will suffice.

Although awards for good service relate to service rendered to Scouting, service with other organisations and associations (such as the Red Cross or St John Ambulance) may be taken into account where this has been in connection with Scouting (for example, as a Skills Instructor or Examiner) and should be included in the citation.

If the individual has given service to the community as well as to Scouting, this should be noted on the application form in the appropriate place.

Example Citations:,230&moduleID=10


The citation can include:



Include such words as

Further information about Awards

The following are links to The Scout Association website.

Applying for Awards:

Awards for Good Service:,230&moduleID=10

Awards for Gallantry and Meritorious Conduct:,230&moduleID=10

Policy, Organisation and Rules – Chapter 11 Awards and Recognition of Service:



Applications should be made on the formal Scout Association form together with the appropriate Appendix form.  One without the other will not be sufficient.

Forms can be downloaded here:

Send applications to

Bexley District Scouts - Awards and Recognition Sub-Committee

Richard Willgoss (Chair)        

Nigel Betts                                 Peter Smith

Bob Chapman                             Fred Vidler

Pat Riddle                                  


                                  Civic Recognition Awards

Bexley Council also recognises the voluntary work of adults within the London Borough of Bexley, as well as that of young people.

An adult who lives outside the Borough would qualify as long as the work done benefits the community/people of Bexley.

Civic recognition of voluntary service by adults (aged over 18)


To give civic recognition to voluntary service to the community by adults.


The scheme is open to all persons aged over 18 years. The voluntary service must benefit either a group of people, or an individual living in the Borough.


Nominations generally would be expected to satisfy the following criteria:

  1. A continuous period of voluntary service of at least 20 years
  2. The voluntary service has
    (a) advanced the well being of a particular group or an individual in the Borough
    (b) helped people or individuals lead more productive lives 
    (c) changed communities for the better

Civic recognition of outstanding achievement (all ages)


To recognise outstanding achievement during the current year. The achievement will have either brought credit to the Borough, or enhanced the well being of a group of people, or an individual living in the Borough.


The scheme is open to all persons, groups or companies and the achievement may be in any area of life.


Examples of outstanding achievement could include:

  1. International or outstanding national achievement in sport or culture
  2. Significant innovations in the delivery of services to the community or inventions which improve the quality of life
  3. Significant success in business/commerce, which benefits the local economy and/or particular sections or groups in the community, or has made a major contribution to the regeneration of part of the Borough
  4. An act of exceptional voluntary service to a group or individual, or
  5. An act of exceptional bravery or courage by an individual

Civic recognition of young people (aged under 18)


To recognise acts of voluntary service by young people to others in the Borough or to the community in general.


The scheme is open to all young people under the age of 18 years. The voluntary service given must benefit either a group of people, or an individual living in the Borough.


The nomination generally should meet the following:

  1. The voluntary service to be on a continuous basis over a long period (in the order of three years)
  2. The voluntary service should be largely initiated by the young person and should not generally be under close supervision or be part of a training course

For more information about the 2018 Civic Recognition Awards and a nomination form please click here to link to the London Borough of Bexley website:

Closing date for applications is 22nd September 2017.