Loan Equipment

Want to use some District equipment?

We want to make the most of what we have and to help Groups and Units who may need access to additional equipment. Below are items available to loan, free of charge, subject to availability. It is your responsibility to collect/return equipment and ensuring items are treated with care.


To book items or check availability send an email to the District Quartermaster at



Available Equipment


1 x 20ft x 20ft marquee with pole, walls, guy lines, and some large pegs

3 x frame marquee (plus spare canvas)

1 x large dining shelter with poles & guys

2 x Coleman event shelter

1 x District branded gazebo 3m x 3m

2 x District branded feather banners

1 x Portable mains PA system with 4pairs of speakers and stands

1 x Skittle alley with skittles and balls (no idea how it fits together)

1 x Pair of strap-on stilts

3 x 15Kg Butane gas bottle empty (clip on regulator type)

1 x 15KG Butane gas bottle part full

2 x 46Kg Propane gas bottle - part full

1 x Gas BBQ with butane clip-on regulator

1 x Gas urn with propane regulator

1 x Electric urn

3 x Bullfinch handilight gas lamps

3 x Bullfinch gas floodlights with tripods

1 x Falcon six burner hob with propane regulator

2 x Patrol box full of ropes & other ropes & assorted pulley blocks

1 x 50ft tug of war rope

2 x Metal folding table approx 5ft x 2ft

2 x Wooden folding table approx 6ft x 2ft

2 x Wooden folding table approx 4ft x 2ft 6inch

1 x Stainless-steel table on wheels approx 6' wide18" deep

2 x Stainless-steel catering table approx 6ft wide 2ft deep

12 x Folding wooden benches approx 6ft

2 x Foot pump (used for pneumatic rockets)

Aerial runway travelling block and seat

Assorted water containers

Assorted large cooking pots

Folding first aid stretcher

Paddy fencing and stakes

2KVA petrol generator

Sheets of heavy canvas suitable for dining shelters etc...

Spare tent poles, guy lines, pegs, cargo net etc....