Bexley Executive

What is the District Executive Committee?

The District Executive Committee exists to support the District Commissioner in meeting the responsibilities of their appointment and to ensure that the District complies with the rules of the National Scout Movement and the Charities Commission.

The Committee is elected each year at the District AGM and is supported by a number of Sub-Committees that cover areas including Finance, Premises and Awards & Recognition. A full list can be found below.

Current Committee members

The following were elected as charity trustees of Bexley District at the District AGM:

Ex-officio members (have a role on the Committee due to their role in Scouting)

District Chair Stuart Sutton
District Commissioner Lee 'Mole' Curtis
District Secretary Melissa Jones
District Treasurer Julian Rowley
District Explorer Scout Commissioner                  Clare Amass
District Network Commissioner Vacancy            
District Youth Commissioner Vacancy                       

Nominated members (nominated by District Commissioner and District Chairman)

Vice Chair Cllr James Hunt           
Guide Association representative Phyl Gunn

Co-Opted members (chosen to take on a role due to specific skills or knowledge)

Executive Representative               Andy Bishop      

Elected members (elected at the District AGM)

18-25 representative                                          Luke Cashin
18-25 representative Vacancy       
Group Scout Leader representative Di Sprowles


There are currently seven sub-committees. They are:

Appointments (AAC)                 Chair of Sub-Committee: John Baxter    
Finance               Chair: Julian Rowley
Communications Chair: Tara Clayton
Awards Advisory Group        Chair: Richard Willgoss
Premises and Health & Safety Chair: Dave Floyd
Grants & Fundraising Chair: Vacancy